Eye Correcting
Eye Correcting
Eye Correcting

Eye Correcting

LE 200.00
Eye Correcting

Eye Correcting

LE 200.00
Product description

Product Descriptions:
Our eye correcting cream from lit&glow keeping your under eye skin well looked after Coffee working to increases the flow of nutrients that are carried in your blood to your eyes, with lemon extract t help with unsightly dark circles under the eyes, while Chamomile helping for its calming properties

Product Ingredients:
Coffee, Chamoomile, Lemon Extract 

Product Benefits:
Minimise the appearance of dark circles.
Reduce the Appearance of fine lines wrinkles.
Uneven skin tone around your eyes.
Targeted hydration.
Healing & wellness.

How To Use:

  • Use your ring finger. It’s your weakest finger, so it will naturally have a gentle touch.
  •  Scoop up a pea-sized amount of product.
  •  Gently tap small dots under your eyes, starting in the innermost corner and moving outward.
  • Pat the product into your skin. Avoid dragging or rubbing.
  • Wait 2 minutes to let the cream fully absorb.
  •  Apply the rest of your skin care products and makeup.
Shipping & Return

- Within 14 days if the Product is defective or doesn't conform to the specifications.

-The method of refunding the amount will be in the same method of payment, with the following conditions; 

- Its is necessarily to have the original sales invoice with the customer and in his name.

- The consumer may not claim a right in the following cases if the nature of the product, its specifications ,the method of packing or packaging prevent it from being replaced or returned, or it is impossible to return it to the condition it was in at the time of contracting.

- The warranty or the right to return devices and accessories for any reason, including manufacturing defects, does not include damage, breakage, falling into water or misuse of the customer.

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