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We are a group of pharmacists from Academic and Industrial backgrounds who share the passion towards Nature’s treasures that restore the natural Glow to our bodies. We often come across this saying “Natural products are not effective and synthetic products are harmful to our skin”! We, at Lit & Glow, after a long time of researching this phrase discovered that Naturally Derived Products can be highly effective when formulated properly. Synthetic ingredients are not always harmful. Many of them are based on natural compounds, with few synthetic modifications, rendering them more effective, as well as having a consistent composition. So, we made tons of research to reach the most inspirational and highly effective formulas to develop nature-based skin-care products of your dreams.

Based on Natural, GRAS or COSMOS Approved

Our Skincare and Haircare products are mostly based on Natural, GRASS or COSMOS certified ingredients which make use of all the positive aspects of a natural ingredient while controlling any undesired effects. Many of our Waterless products just bring Nature’s natural moisturizing, anti-aging, rejuvenating and glowing effects to your fingertips. Being Naturally scented with our treasure essential oil blends, Lit & Glow makes your skincare experience an Aromatic adventure! Our main secret is how to solve the hard equation by combining Synthetized yet safe ingredients with Natural ones in our Green Beauty products making them magically effective and highly safe.

Why Lit & Glow Beauty Factory?

A One-Stop place to pamper yourself.

“Me-Time” is the key for every woman’s happiness after long hours of work and responsibilities, YOU DESERVE THIS!

At Lit & Glow Beauty Factory, we gather the Pillars of Beauty; Body Care, Health care and Soul care.

  • Our Natural;

    facials, hand, foot and hair, Treatments offers your body the treasures of Nature that Glows your Beauty.

  • Our Clinics;

    Nutrition and Derma, keeps track of your Health.

  • Our Medical Massage;

    provide meditation, relaxation, and flexibility to purify your Soul.

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