Our expert will examine your skin and/or hair, listen to your concerns and decide the best Natural Treatment using our 100% Green Products created in our labs especially tailored for your needs.

Face Treatments

It focuses on deep cleansing for your skin, rejuvenating, dead skin removal, steaming, black and white heads removal, deep moisturizing, soothing and whitening masks.

We focus on strengthening your face muscles
and increasing blood flow to your face using our unique Massage techniques

Hand and Foot Treatments

It focuses on rejuvenating your skin through enriching it with missing nutrients, removing dead cells, scrubbing, whitening, healing cracks and softening steps.

We focus on increasing blood flow to your hands and foot using our unique Massage techniques.

Basic pedicure & manicure is applied upon clients’ request.

Hair Treatments

It focuses on repairing your hair through providing it with the essential nutrients needed from root to shaft.

We focus on treating the condition through deep cleaning, repairing and conditioning steps.

We focus on increasing blood flow to your scalp using our unique Massage techniques.

Nanotechnology based Micro-needling

Micro-needling is a process where we use small needles to deeply deliver any vital ingredients to your deep inside of your skin layers, this helps you to treat acne scars, surgical scars, and hyperpigmentation, it also significantly improves wrinkles, fine lines, skin texture and loose skin. In addition to its ultimate effect in minimizing hair fall and stimulating hair growth.

Our Nanotechnology based products is your golden key to Reverse Aging at a Cellular Level with ultimate skin hydration

Lit&Glow Nanotechnology based micro-needling technique is done with our 100% Natural Green Products to solve both skin and hair problems.

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