Arabian Mania Body Lotion 250 ML
Arabian Mania Body Lotion 250 ML

Arabian Mania Body Lotion 250 ML

LE 225.00
Our Body Lotion is a completely natural product that comes with 4 different scents.
Active Ingredient: Natural Oil Blends
Scent: Oriental & Woody
Fragrance Type: Eau de Parfum
Net Weight: 230 ml
Item Form: Liquid
Expirable: YES
Brand: lit & Glow
Arabian Mania Body Lotion 250 ML

Arabian Mania Body Lotion 250 ML

LE 225.00
Product description

Pamper your senses with relaxing scents with our Arabian Mania Body Lotion, a carefully crafted blend of nature's finest elements. 

The Main Components:

Our Body Lotion is the perfect body care for all seasons. it’s made of 3 natural Components: Argan, Grapeseed, and Lavender Oil.

The Benefits:

  • Rehydrate dried skin: Immerse your skin in the moisture it craves, revitalizing its natural suppleness.
  • Soften rough spots: Arabian Mania Body Lotion adds relief and softness to your skin
  • Feel and smell good: The lotion gives you a fresh, and comfortable feeling all day. 
  • Add Relaxation: With this lotion, you’ll transform your skincare routine into a spa-like experience.


After your shower or bath, when your skin is warm and damp, add the Arabian Mania Body Lotion to your body skin care routine steps. Let its rich, nourishing blend absorb gently into your skin.

Our Promise:

Our natural products are crafted with care, free from parabens and silicon, ensuring you get only the purest form of nourishment for your skin. Welcome the lit&Glow experience into your daily ritual and enjoy the glowing beauty that comes from within.

Shipping & Return

- Within 14 days if the Product is defective or doesn't conform to the specifications.

-The method of refunding the amount will be in the same method of payment, with the following conditions; 

- Its is necessarily to have the original sales invoice with the customer and in his name.

- The consumer may not claim a right in the following cases if the nature of the product, its specifications ,the method of packing or packaging prevent it from being replaced or returned, or it is impossible to return it to the condition it was in at the time of contracting.

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